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Welcome to KellyJ.DeVoe-Majestic-E Entertainment Offical Website News

Thank-you to the country of JAPAN. KellyJ.DeVoe music/vids is Now promoted in Japan with

Topmusic-Japan.Check out link to other.Pretty cool! I love Japan!

Thank-you CWE Wrestling for having me FEB 24-2018 Essence Events Centre CanAnnsInn.

The fans were fantastic and awesome !

Thank-You To Jimmy Fallon and the Tonite show for 825,000 Youtube views just over a year.Jimmy Fallon-DoNotPlay-KellyJ.Devoe-Hottie.

There's a player at the top of the page to hear short 2 minute music clips from "Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ?" for fans-radio and magazine reviews.Go to and read KellyJ.DeVoe EPK.Radio Stations please call this number 204-253-2103.What song are you playing and name of your station.Thank-you Kjd.

Thank-you to the fans for coming to the The Cavern.The Halloween Show was fun.With all the lazers and fog machine test that afternoon I want to thank the Winnipeg Fire Department for showing up and turning the fire alarm sh*t happens.Cheers

GREAT NEWS-Now you can buy the physical Cds- Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? and Edm Cd-EDMIE at SUNRISE RECORDS Polo Park Mall Winnipeg-Thank-you SUNRISE Your the Best.Music Trader-Osbourne Village.Thank-you Thank-you for your support.

BREAKING NEWS-KellyJ.DeVoe Hits over 100,000 combined Youtube Hits without any major promotional campaign.

GREAT NEWS-New Video by KellyJ.Devoe from Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? on Youtube called "Feel It".

Thank-you to all the KJD FANS for coming to the shows and saying hi to me-whether its in the Night Clubs-Malls or Shopping Centres.Lots of Thank Yous and Graditude to Canada's Got Talent-Jimmy Fallon-Tonite Show NBC-Virgin Radio-Winnipeg(Ace Burpee Show)-Winnipeg's-Shaw Cable Tv.

Now you can buy KellyJ.DeVoe on-line by going to

Quick BIO

KellyJ.DeVoe has been singing/song-writing/performing and entertaining for over 10 years.He's played in cover bands and eventually fronting a Iron Maiden-Tribute Band-"PowerSlave" and then a successful Van Halen Tribute Band called "Eat'em and Smile". Touring Western Canada and doing shows in Montreal/Quebec City-Canada.His Audition for Canada's Got Talent really started his solo career.He took a chance by singing a original song called "Details"-fan favorite- which is on the new Cd 2.0. Interviews on Shaw Cable Tv with talk show host Jay Williums new Kellyj is the "Real Deal" and Power-97 Radio then helped launched Fire-Star's Music and KellyJDeVoe by doing a half hour show on local rock bands.Kelly's under-ground following and live Shows through word of mouth-flyers/posters-facebook-twitter and instagram helped.Crowds just kept on getting bigger and bigger and the song "Hottie" became a fan favorite besides all the high energy party songs.The most exciting exposure i got was on Jimmy Fallon The Tonite Show.It was a surreal moment introducing my name and song played "Hottie" and I thank-you Jimmy Fallon and producer-NBC from the bottom of my heart cause thats where I'm starting.Views on youtube 825,000 to date on Jimmy fallon-NBC. My fans are "AWESOME"-there always positive-very loud-ready to party and have fun.I think its the "Music and Songs".When I'm on stage I go to work and deliver the show.I write songs that make you "Feel Good"-"Pump You Up" and "Charged" Add some drinks-hottie shots-ice cold beer and you got a KJD crowd. Enough of the 9 to 5-I wanna see a KellyJ.DeVoe Show-its over the top "Energy" and Nuts"-lol.I bring in the Lazers-Smoke and Fire-Show.I also design the Stage and Production. It's great awesome party atmosphere with awesome music and theatrics.Its new and fresh!Im Super Pumped and excited about this new Cd-"Where's the Hotties At 2.0?" Crank it Up-Party Up-See u soon-KellyJ

Long BIO

Hi Im KellyJ.Devoe.I'd like to introduce myself because some of you may not know who I'am.I'm a singer,song-writer,dancer,performer and entertainer.My love and passion for music has kept me going through this musical journey with hard work-perseverance-passion and never quit attitude.Born on Febuary 22-(Pisces) on George Washington's Birthday how cool is that in a little town called Gilbert Plains-Manitoba Canada.Raised in Portage La Praire-Manitoba where I started my music career at the age of 7 by playing the drums.I still remember the day my Grandfather John Huculak bought me that kit.I played that kit everyday playing along to The Beatles,Chuck Berry,Beach Boys-more to come or go to see EPK.Cd's Release Date Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? and Edmie-April 22-2017

KellyJ.DeVoe is NOW promoted in the country of JAPAN - March 19, 2018

KellyJ.DeVoe Music/Video's is now promoted/played in the country of JAPAN. Japan has all links to sell,promote KellyJ.DeVoe music/video's.Thank-you Japan Topmusic for the awesome profile page.I love JAPAN-KellyJ.DeVoe

KellyJ.DeVoe Now on SoundCloud - March 17, 2018

KellyJ.Devoe "LIVE" with CWE Canadian Wrestling LEGENDS 2018 - February 3, 2018

KellyJ.DeVoe will be performing "LIVE" before the opening bell at 6:30pm FEB 24-2018 with THE LEGENDS OF WRESTLING CWE Events at CANNADS INNS-GARDEN CITY 2100 McPHILIPS in the night club-WINNIPEG.
Kelly selling Cd's-Dvds T-shirts 8x10 glossies and the LEGENDS will be signing autographs/pictures between 10am-6pm.
Kelly's on stage 6:30pm will be singing a short set singing hits-HOTTIE from his brand new release 2.0 also will bringing his exciting spectacular lazer light show along with a hot fire-show.
Please check out for tickets
or google kellyjdevoe with CWE
This 500 seater will be sold out so come see Kelly and the The Legends and some great wrestling tickets are only $15 in advance $20 at the door.The autograph session are a separate price $15-$20.Please check for bundles
Got nothing to do check out this event FEB 24-Saturday!
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