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Welcome to KellyJ.DeVoe-Majestic-E Entertainment Offical Website News

Thank-You To Jimmy Fallon and the Tonite show for 665,000 Youtube views-Jimmy Fallon-DoNotPlay-KellyJ.Devoe-Hottie'I would love to sing Hottie "LIVE" on the Tonite Show.

There's a player at the top of the page to hear short 2 minute music clips from "Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ?" for fans-radio and magazine reviews.Go to and read KellyJ.DeVoe EPK.Radio Stations please call this number 204-253-2103.What song are you playing and name of your station.Thank-you Kjd.

Thank-you to the fans for coming to the The Cavern.The Halloween Show was fun.With all the lazers and fog machine test that afternoon I want to thank the Winnipeg Fire Department for showing up and turning the fire alarm sh*t happens.Cheers

GREAT NEWS-Now you can buy the physical Cds- Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? and Edm Cd-EDMIE at SUNRISE RECORDS Polo Park Mall Winnipeg-Thank-you SUNRISE Your the Best.Also you can pick both Cds at-QUEST MUSIQUE on Meadowood-St-St.Vital and Music Trader-Osbourne Village.Thank-you Thank-you for your support.

BREAKING NEWS-KellyJ.DeVoe Hits over 100,000 combined Youtube Hits without any major promotional campaign.

GREAT NEWS-New Video by KellyJ.Devoe from Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? on Youtube called "Feel It".

Thank-you to all the KJD FANS for coming to the shows and saying hi to me-whether its in the Night Clubs-Malls or Shopping Centres.Lots of Thank Yous and Graditude to Canada's Got Talent-Jimmy Fallon-Tonite Show NBC-Virgin Radio-Winnipeg(Ace Burpee Show)-Winnipeg's-Shaw Cable Tv.

Now you can buy KellyJ.DeVoe on-line by going to

Quick BIO

KellyJ.DeVoe has been singing/song-writing/performing and entertaining for over 10 years.He's played in cover bands and eventually fronting a Iron Maiden-Tribute Band-"PowerSlave" and then a successful Van Halen Tribute Band called "Eat'em and Smile". Touring Western Canada and doing shows in Montreal/Quebec City-Canada.His Audition for Canada's Got Talent really started his solo career.He took a chance by singing a original song called "Details"-fan favorite- which is on the new Cd 2.0. Interviews on Shaw Cable Tv with talk show host Jay Williums new Kellyj is the "Real Deal" and Power-97 Radio then helped launched Fire-Star's Music and KellyJDeVoe by doing a half hour show on local rock bands.Kelly's under-ground following and live Shows through word of mouth-flyers/posters-facebook-twitter and instagram helped.Crowds just kept on getting bigger and bigger and the song "Hottie" became a fan favorite besides all the high energy party songs.The most exciting exposure i got was on Jimmy Fallon The Tonite Show.It was a surreal moment introducing my name and song played "Hottie" and I thank-you Jimmy Fallon and producer-NBC from the bottom of my heart cause thats where I'm starting.Views on youtube 472,000 to date on Jimmy fallon-NBC. My fans are "AWESOME"-there always positive-very loud-ready to party and have fun.I think its the "Music and Songs".When I'm on stage I go to work and deliver the show.I write songs that make you "Feel Good"-"Pump You Up" and "Charged" Add some drinks-hottie shots-ice cold beer and you got a KJD crowd. Enough of the 9 to 5-I wanna see a KellyJ.DeVoe Show-its over the top "Energy" and Nuts"-lol.I bring in the Lazers-Smoke and Fire-Show.I also design the Stage and Production. It's great awesome party atmosphere with awesome music and theatrics.Its new and fresh!Im Super Pumped and excited about this new Cd-"Where's the Hotties At 2.0?" Crank it Up-Party Up-See u soon-KellyJ

Long BIO

Hi Im KellyJ.Devoe.I'd like to introduce myself because some of you may not know who I'am.I'm a singer,song-writer,dancer,performer and entertainer.My love and passion for music has kept me going through this musical journey with hard work-perseverance-passion and never quit attitude.Born on Febuary 22-(Pisces) on George Washington's Birthday how cool is that in a little town called Gilbert Plains-Manitoba Canada.Raised in Portage La Praire-Manitoba where I started my music career at the age of 7 by playing the drums.I still remember the day my Grandfather John Huculak bought me that kit.I played that kit everyday playing along to The Beatles,Chuck Berry,Beach Boys-more to come or go to see EPK.Cd's Release Date Where's the Hotties At 2.0 ? and Edmie-April 22-2017

KellyJ.DeVoe LIVE Feb.24 with in Winnipeg-2018 - January 1, 2018

KellyJ.DeVoe and CWE Canada-Wrestling will performing Feb 24 6pm-2018 before opening bell 7pm find your tickets at
Meet and greet,autographes-Cd,t-shirt for sale.Signing starts a 4pm tickets are extra cost.

KellyJ.DeVoe seen on Jimmy Fallon 745,000 segment DoNotPlay-hottie - January 1, 2018

Since the first airing March-2017 on The Tonite Show NBC with Jimmy Fallon segment DoNotPlay-hottie theres been 745,000 youtube views giving KellyJ.DeVoe massive exposure hashtag-#kellyjdevoe

KellyJ.DeVoe-Jimmy Fallon Youtube DoNotPlay-Hottie hits 665,000 views - November 15, 2017

Wow-Awesome-Super Pumped-Check out on Jimmy Fallon Tonite Show-Youtube-DoNotPlay-Hottie
The audience actually liked the song.Hottie-You're a Hottie.You can download the song at safe and secure
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