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KellyJ.Devoe/Fire-Star: News

Join the Kellyj Devoe e-mail list - April 13, 2011

Join the the Fan List List-add your e-mail so here about up and coming promotions-Live Shows.

Kellyj Cd's are in MusicTrader in Osbourne village-Winnipeg - March 20, 2011

Kellyj Devoe has new Cd Distribution in MusicTrader in Osbourne Village for $12.99.
Both Cd's-Where's the Hotties At ? and his hard rock Cd-"Fire-Star" are both for sale.Check it out.

New Vh Tribute Video's-Youtube - March 17, 2011

Two new Van Halen Tribute Video's are up-Part4 and Part5-youtube.Kellyj Devoe"Live" singing/struttin'/jumpin'.
Excellant/singer/entertainer/performer.Look out Dave Lee Roth there's a new sheriff in town.-lol

Music tracks Done 4 next Cd - March 13, 2011

All music tracks are done for next Cd-"Are u Hot Enough"-stay tunes-kellyj

Send Fan mail to kellyj.devoe - December 28, 2010

Now you can send Fan mail/letters/pics/card to Kellyj.DeVoe
to Kellyj Devoe
130 beliveau rd. office 211
Kellyj may reply and send free tickets to shows/video shoots or hang-out at the local clubs

kellyjdevoe on youtube - December 3, 2010

Kellyj Devoe is bring you "The Big Five Video's".Five new video's to check out on youtube

Back in the Studio-Apple B Studio's - August 31, 2010

Kellyj's back in the Studio-2010.Second Cd is in the works-"Are u Hot Enough?"
Half dozen Video's will be released soon.Time to shake-up Canada's/U.S/Germany."I've been getting alot of hits of out Europe-Germany."
Kellyj's the whole package-sings/writes/records/dances
directs-Makes things happen-positive attidude-cool guy.

Kellyj Devoe New Recording Studio - May 3, 2010

Kellyj 's New Recording Studio-"Party Hard Studio"s"
don't let the name fool you there's some serious recording going on here.

Fire-Star Cd climbs Indie Charts - January 13, 2010

Fire-Star Cd hits #33 out of 100 reviews on the Indie Charts from panel review.
Members voted #169 out of a thousand from reviews.
Fire-Star Cd is blend of rock/metal/funk.
Fire-Star is a must have-buy this Cd at Cd plus on Ness.
You won't be disappointed.Rock-on!

Kellyj.Devoe "3 Pack Special Release - December 21, 2009

KellyJ.Devoe today-Dec-21/09 released "The 3 Pack Special".His Cd-"Where's the Hotties At" along with Extra
Cd with 5 new songs-Power 97 Interview and a free DvD of the Van Halen Tribute-45 minutes of Kelly and the gang cranking out VH "Live"
on there Western Tour and shows in Montreal/Quebec.
History in the Making-Eat'em and Smile-
Also Kelly release the Fire-Star-"The Triple Pack"-Fire-Star Cd-Extra Cd-Unreleased B-side/Demo's
DvD-Vh Tribute.Buy them from Kelly.

Promo-Fire-Star at Cd Plus - November 23, 2008

Well...when out did a Promo-kick at Cd Plus during the release of the new Guns&Roses at Midnite.Yes..I'm the dude handing out flyers.Thank-you for taking the time to check it out.You Rock! kellyj.

Fire-Star Is Now on MySpace - May 4, 2008

Thanks to "The Lid"-Winnipeg - September 30, 2007

Thanks to "The Lid" for letting me promote-Kellyj.Cd for the month of August/September

Cd "Listening" Release Party-starting AUGUST 11-2007 - July 29, 2007

The "Lid Night-Club "and KellyJ.DeVoe Proudly Presents-Cd "Listening" Parties starting August 11-Saturday!! Hotel-2935 Pembina and every Saturday!!in the month of August-New Music to listen too! Cd's will be for sale $12.00 each(no gst/pst)-Come down and have a few drinks with KellyJ. and dance the night away!!

KellyJ."LIVE"-Power-97-June7/07 - May 30, 2007

Promoting the "FIRE-STAR" Cd- on the River City Rock Show-Power-97-June7/07-10:30pm-Thursday-Check it-out!!!!
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